Happy Anniversary, HEARTS Network!

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Feb 14 2013 / By DriveitHOME

Happy Anniversary, HEARTS Network!

From: Charlene Sligting, National Safety Council

With today being the 2 year anniversary of the launch of the HEARTS Network, I find myself reflecting on how the HEARTS Network has grown. Those in traffic safety know that to change behaviors it takes strong laws that are highly enforced combined with public education. The need to connect with people on a visceral level is critical. It is by sharing your stories that we are able to bring about change.

We now have more than 90 families engaged in this network. Families who have courageously chosen to share their stories with their communities and the media; to educate parents, teens and other key influencers; work with elected officials to help make the roadways safer for everyone; and act as a shoulder to lean on for one another.

Some of the HEARTS members’ efforts include becoming legislative leaders. Kelsey’s Law and Lacey’s Law were passed through hard work of parents who knew strong teen driving laws save lives.

Through Orange 4 Owen the Breztiki family hosted the Launch O’ Love event, which brought together hundreds within their community and garnered earned media attention.

The families who are part of the HEARTS Network and have chosen to engage in this very important issue are an inspiration. Countless people have been inspired by the 19 families who have shared their stories and been profiled in Sharing HEARTS.

Together through our advocacy efforts we can educate thousands about the dangers of inexperience teen driving. On behalf of the National Safety Council and the HEARTS Network, thank you for helping to reduce crashes and keep families together.

Charlene Sligting is the Victim Advocate for the National Safety Council. Charlene manages the HEARTS Network, which provides a national platform for victims of teen driving crashes who want to share their stories to help reduce crashes and keep teens safe behind the wheel. HEARTS, which stands for Honoring Everyone Affected, Rallying The Survivors, is managed by the National Safety Council and initiated in part by The Allstate Foundation.

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