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May 23 2013 / By DriveitHOME

A lesson for your teen drivers from Drive it Home

If you haven’t visited driveithome.org, you are missing out on helpful tips, thought-provoking content, humorous videos and everything else you need to coach your teen driver. Here is just one example of the kind of information you’ll receive by signing up for driving tips from driveithome.org:

As a newly licensed driver, what your teen needs most is to develop their own skills and good habits by practicing with a patient, experienced parent or guardian. Please ride with them at least a half hour each week to monitor their progress. We know everyone learns differently. We encourage you take the ideas we present and adapt them to work best for you and your teen. Thank you and safe driving!


Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of crashes, especially among teens.

Everyone knows the danger of using a phone to talk or text while driving.

But there are other potentially lethal distractions your teen should be aware of.

Make it clear that until they practice enough, they can’t have teen passengers. Many experts say no passengers for 6 months to a year. Check your local laws. You can be stricter than they are. One of the highest risk driving situations is for teens to have other teens in the car when driving. Take 15 minutes and sit down with your teen to talk about these dangers.

Talk with your teens about them not using their cell phone, and promise you won’t either. Have your teen use their other electronic devices (whether built into the car or not) before the start their drive and remind them not to fidget with a radio, music player, GPS or other device while driving. If your teen gets hungry, make sure they know to stop for food, skip the drive-thru and not eat while driving.  If you need more materials for teaching this important lesson, you can find them here.

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