Parents, share your safe driving tips

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Jul 23 2013 / By DriveitHOME

Parents, share your safe driving tips

Parents, we know many of you have nightmares about your teens getting driver’s licenses, and the sobering statistics don’t do much to quell anxiety. Having a circle of friends to offer support and advice can help ease nerves. But if you can’t get together to have coffee and stew about your teens’ safety, the parent forum at is the next best thing.

The parent forum is a place for all parents to share experiences or best practices as they connect with their new drivers. Has your teen been behind the wheel for a while? Since the learning process began, what have you learned? What has your teen struggled to grasp? What kind of household rules have you established since your teen received a license? Other parents want to know!

You hold the keys – literally – to developing safe drivers. By sharing information and educating one another about why teens crash and how to prevent these crashes, you can help streamline a potentially frightening and stressful chapter of your teens’ lives.

Please note: We wish to make clear that the quality and usefulness of the information here will vary. It may or may not be useful or accurate. It is your responsibility as a parent to use your own judgment in evaluating or using any information shared on this page, and we encourage you to confirm the information shared before undertaking any action on it. We can make no representations of the accuracy of the statements or links presented on these pages.

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