A teen’s perspective: Respect your parents

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Aug 6 2013 / By DriveitHOME

A teen’s perspective: Respect your parents

Written by: Laura Saldivar

Learning to drive is a stepping stone into the adult world for most teens. The learning process can be stressful, but it can be much easier with the help of a parent. Most teens cringe thinking their parents could be right, much less thinking mom and dad have good advice. However, parents are simply looking out for their teens’ best interests.

Looking back, I was definitely guilty of not listening to my parents at certain times. This made tasks longer and more difficult. I realized that my parents were once in my shoes. Whether I believed it or not, my parents were once teenagers. They have been through it all and have years of knowledge to share. All we as teens have to do is listen.

Listening is extremely important when learning how to drive and operate a vehicle. We don’t have enough experience to ignore advice from trained adult drivers, so we need to remain open minded when learning how to drive. Our parents have been driving for a while and have been exposed to different experiences. Their advice is critical to our safety and well-being. For example, my father used to teach me how to handle driving in different weather conditions. At the time, I thought this advice was silly and I didn’t want to listen. The first time I was driving in a major snow storm though, I was able to drive safely because my dad had taught me how.

I’m grateful to have parents who were involved in my learning-to-drive process. Even as a 19 year old who just finished the Graduated Drivers Licensing system, my parents still offer me tips as I drive. In my family, the teaching didn’t stop the day I got my license. That will forever be a benefit to me as I continue to develop and grow. I really respect my parents and other parents who continue helping their teens. Those moms and dads are fighting for a safer future.

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