Parents, how are your teens driving?

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Sep 24 2013 / By DriveitHOME

Parents, how are your teens driving?

Every parent wants to believe his or her child always follows the rules and obeys the law. This includes the rules of the road. A new study from State Farm reveals that’s not the case.

A survey of 500 parents and 500 teen drivers showed parents overestimate how much teens obey traffic laws and teen driving restrictions.

Teens most often break two key provisions of Graduated Driver Licensing laws:


  • Nighttime driving: Sixty-nine percent of parents believe their teen drivers almost always follow restrictions while less than half (48 percent) of teens say they routinely follow this law. Find your state’s teen driver nighttime restrictions here.
  • Passenger restrictions: Teen passengers are one of the most dangerous distractions teen drivers face. Seventy percent of parents believe their teen drivers almost always obey their state’s passenger restrictions. Only 43 percent of teen drivers say they obey the state’s passenger laws. Find your state’s passenger restrictions for teens here.

The study also showed parents assume their teens do not follow state laws because of peer pressure. In actuality, teens say they break laws because they do not fear being caught by police.

Thankfully, teens and parents agree texting while driving is very dangerous. Seventy-two percent of teens said they almost always obey texting ban laws – substantially higher than any other teen driving law or restriction. Eighty-two percent of parents think their teen drivers obey texting laws.

Read the rest of the report and tell us what you think.

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