Teen driver safety: a year-round commitment

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Sep 3 2013 / By DriveitHOME

Teen driver safety: a year-round commitment

Labor Day marked the end of the period known as the 100 deadliest days on the roads for teens. Based on historical trends, as many as 1,500 people may have been killed in preventable young driver-related crashes since Memorial Day. Many parents understand the additional dangers their already vulnerable teen drivers face during this deadly time of the year. Many parents become extra vigilant in an effort to protect their teens. That vigilance must continue all year.

Parents can help themselves and their teens remember the importance of driving safely every day with our teen driving infographic. The infographic is a creative way to keep teen driving issues and facts top of mind, and it’s easy to pin to the refrigerator, tack on the inside of school lockers or next to the door to the garage. Consider sharing the infographic with friends, family and colleagues. Raising awareness is a key element to effecting change, and change is possible if we dedicate ourselves to fighting for teen drivers’ safety.

Teen drivers are at risk 365 days of the year. Help protect them. Together, we can make a difference.

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