Coached his teen, won a car

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Nov 14 2013 / By DriveitHOME

Coached his teen, won a car

Last summer, Lance Milton decided to attend a DriveitHOME event in Rockford, Ill. to help understand the new risks teen drivers face behind the wheel. Lance’s own teen daughter was preparing to begin that exciting – but dangerous – first year of licensure, and Lance wanted to know how to properly coach her through it. The DriveitHOME shows, hosted in various cities across the country, featured everything parents needed to know to help keep their teens safe behind the wheel.

Because of Lance’s decision, his family has a new car.

The Allstate Foundation and the National Safety Council handed Lance the keys to a 2014 Chevy Cruze last Friday after selecting Lance from a pool of more than 1,000 parents who attended DriveitHOME events or mailed in a signed parent-teen driving agreement.

“We attended the DriveitHOME show because my daughter had her permit and was ready to take her road test, which she passed,” Lance said. “‘DriveitHOME provided excellent tools that we continue to use. We are so excited to receive such a generous prize.”

DriveitHOME officially launched last spring. It is a website written for parents by parents that offers unique, life-saving approaches for parents to help keep their teens safe on the road – especially after teens are licensed. The shows included comedy sketches from Chicago-based Second City Communications highlighting tips parents can practice while driving with their teens.

According to recent research from The Allstate Foundation, parents have the most influence over their teens’ driving habits. Because of this, parents must understand what to practice with their teens, how often to practice and what to look for. Here’s one humorous video from DriveitHOME that should help parents understand what to do when their teens get licenses.

How to teach your teen to be a better driver:

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