Forget the speed limit. Consider the conditions.

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Nov 5 2013 / By DriveitHOME

Forget the speed limit. Consider the conditions.

Sometimes teens drive recklessly over the speed limit. Some do it for kicks – clearly an invitation for disaster.

But sometimes teens drive too fast even when they are driving slower than the speed limit. It’s not always about the speed limit. Driving at a safe speed also is about the conditions. Because they are inexperienced, teen drivers often do not understand this.

Teens also have yet to learn how their car will react in different traffic and weather situations. So they often don’t know what speed is appropriate. Teens don’t really fully understand the risks of speeding, either, nor do they understand the dangers of following too closely or passing in complex conditions. These are driving instincts that develop over time.

Parents, we always need to remember to drive the way we want our teens to drive – safely and under the speed limit. Visit for more tips on coaching your teen driver.

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