What will you teach your teen driver today?

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Nov 8 2013 / By DriveitHOME

What will you teach your teen driver today?

We cannot master anything without practice. There just isn’t any way around it. We never would expect teens to walk onto a soccer field for the first time and score a hat trick. So why do some parents believe teens are safe drivers as soon as they are old enough to drive? Since today is national Parents as Teachers Day, we’re hoping parents ditch that notion and embrace their role as their teens’ best driving coaches.

Just as athletic coaches typically are most qualified to teach athletes technical skills, parents are most qualified to teach teens to drive. Why? Because most parents have been driving for a long time. They understand how to react to hazards, drive according to conditions, merge into traffic and judge safe following distances. Remember, teens don’t understand these critical driving skills. So parents can coach teens through those situations. And teens will listen. They really, really will.

Coaching teen drivers doesn’t need to be nerve-racking. Parents easily can make riding shotgun fun. Here are a couple games parents can play with their teen drivers:

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