Watch your speed! Don’t rush.

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Mar 13 2014 / By DriveitHOME

Watch your speed! Don’t rush.

Are you teaching your teen to drive but not quite sure where to begin? DriveitHOME can help! We’ve developed practice tips and lessons for each week of the year so your teen’s learning process can be as smooth as possible. The lessons are a simple click away and, just like that, you’re on track to teaching your teen to drive – the right way.

Today’s two lessons focus on speed control and driving during rush hour traffic.

Speed Control

Keeping control of the car is what driving safely is all about. But knowing how much pressure to put on the gas pedal – without staring at the speedometer – is tough to do at first.

On your next drive with your teen, have him or her just focus on driving exactly the speed limit (traffic and weather permitting). See how long your teen can go maintaining the same speed. Make a game out of it.

Pick a safe, legal speed and ask your teen to try to maintain that speed, exactly – as your teen scans the road and tells you where the hazards are.

Finally, if your car is equipped with one, teach your teen about the proper use of cruise control.

Driving in rush hour

Everyone hates driving in rush hour. But it is something your teen may have to do sooner rather than later. Better to have your teen practice with you in the car than experience rush hour alone.

The first rule is: don’t let boredom or rage trigger a rush hour crash. Most drivers’ patience is thin and tempers occasionally flare because nobody wants to be where they are: stuck in slow moving traffic.

Some basic rules for teaching your teen to drive during rush hour:

  • Don’t box your vehicle between others. Leave yourself a way out.
  • Get ready to change lanes suddenly
  • Be prepared for other drivers to change lanes suddenly
  • Make sure to use the 3-second rule. Avoid rear-ending the vehicle ahead when it stops suddenly in front of you.


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