It’s Spring Break Season: Do You Know Where Your Teen Driver Is?

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Mar 16 2018 / By DriveitHOME

It’s Spring Break Season: Do You Know Where Your Teen Driver Is?

Many teens look forward to spring break, whether you have plans for a family trip or are staying local.

With a full week off from school, these new drivers may hope to spend some of this time behind the wheel and parents should be prepared. Your teen might have a license, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help keep your teen safe.

If you are travelling with your teen – or working all week while he or she stays home from school – here are some tips and ground rules to reinforce during spring break:

  • Make sure your teen gets enough sleep, especially if he or she plans to drive during spring break
  • Your teen may plan to sleep late on their days off, so set a curfew to keep your teen from driving late at night
  • If you are planning a road trip, mark out some places where your teen can drive to get practice in an unfamiliar setting behind the wheel
  • Popular vacation destinations often have more pedestrians – remind your teen to slow down and scan the road for walkers, bikers and families with small children who might dart out into the road
  • This time of year can be associated with partying; be sure to remind your teen that there is zero tolerance for teen drinking or drug use, whether or not he or she is behind the wheel
  • Talk to your teen about the risks of passengers. Teen passengers can be dangerous, but younger siblings can be just as distracting. That means no giving friends rides home and no riding as a passenger with friends, either
  • Check in with your teen throughout the day and make yourself available for rides – it is always safer to pick up your teen than risk having him or her drive home fatigued or when it is too late at night

Regardless of your location, remember that even though this break is meant for relaxation and fun, it is just as important to keep your teen safe.

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