Keep Your Teen Driver Safe with the New Driver Deal

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Apr 20 2018 / By DriveitHOME

Keep Your Teen Driver Safe with the New Driver Deal

Watching your teen get behind the wheel is stressful even for the most experienced parents.

You want to trust your teen to make the right choices, but you also worry about him or her staying safe. Fortunately, we’ve got just the tool to help.

Here at DriveitHOME, we offer the New Driver Deal, a free, downloadable driving contract for you and your teen to fill out together. Filling this contract out before your teen starts driving gives you the opportunity to talk through restrictions, privileges, rules and consequences you both agree to.

Getting started is easy. You can find the New Driver Deal here and the first step is for both you and your teen to sign your names, agreeing to stick to the rules you both decide upon and to stay involved in your teen’s driving practice.

Next, you’ll review a list of core driving rules meant to keep your teen safe on the road. Talk through each of these rules so your teen understands what they all mean and why he or she needs to follow them. We have plenty of resources backing up the biggest teen driving risks and the need for these rules, but don’t rush through them. The more your teen understands about the dangers he or she will face on the road, the more likely he or she will be to follow the rules you both agree to.

Next, you’ll find a set of rules for you, the parent, meant to keep you involved in your teen’s driving lessons. Parents are the number one influence on their teen’s driving habits, so it is crucial that you stick to your New Driver Deal the same way your teen does.

Once you have reviewed the document, you can send it to your email address and you’re all set! We recommend printing this document out and keeping it visible in the home – so you and your teen are more likely to remember the contract and stick to it. You should also plan to revisit it often: as your teen earns more driving privileges, update your New Driver Deal to reflect these changes. You can customize it to your family’s needs and include topics like who pays for gas and insurance or a schedule for who gets to use the vehicle throughout the week.

Car crashes remain the number one killer of teens, but parents can help. Filling out the New Driver Deal is an excellent first step. Get started now!

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