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Lesson 2: You Are a Role Model

Lesson 2: You Are a Role Model

Remember that when you get behind the wheel, you are setting an example for the future drivers in your family. It’s important to practice good driving behaviors as early as possible rather than waiting until your teen receives his or her permit. Your kids will learn driving habits as soon as their car seat is turned around.

1. Be a good role model
If you want your teen to drive safely, you must be a safe driver as well. Be sure to model good driving behaviors like:

  • No phone calls, texts or distractions
  • Always buckle up
  • Signal when turning
  • No aggressive driving
  • No speeding

2. Turning the tables
Get behind the wheel and ask your teen to critique your driving. Make a game of it. Turning the tables will give your teen the opportunity to give you some grief for your bad habits. Take the suggestions the way you want yours to be taken—in a spirit of caring, learning and safety.

3. Be patient and calm
You should always be patient and calm with your young driver. Be sure to stay alert for potential roadway problems.