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Lesson 18: Potential Road Hazards: Work Zones

Lesson 18: Potential Road Hazards: Work Zones

Road construction is a necessary nuisance. How else would our roads be maintained or potholes get repaired? While repairs will eventually make the road safer, work zones can present unique dangers.

1. Practice driving in a work zone

  • Advise teens to scan the road . They should keep their eyes moving and pay attention to workers, slow-moving equipment, gear that might stick out into traffic lanes, dirt and debris on the road, clouds of dust that might be kicked up by earthmovers and temporary signs.
  • Make sure they maintain the posted speed limit.
  • If you see workers, advise teens to slow down even more, especially if there are flaggers who might direct you to stop if there is a hazard ahead.
  • Explain the importance of patience. Recognizing the special hazards and risks in work zones, most states step up enforcement by increasing fines and police patrols.

Put those scanning the road habits to use and watch for debris and workers. This will be a real test of your teen’s skills!