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Lesson 30: How to Use Mirrors Properly

Lesson 30: How to Use Mirrors Properly

Awareness is a theme we keep coming back to in these lessons. Awareness is not only about what is ahead of the car; it’s about what is happening behind as well. The more information a driver has, the better. Mirrors help drivers stay aware of what’s going on around them. Remind teens to make sure mirrors are adjusted prior to driving.

1. Practice using mirrors
The goal here is to create a habit of total awareness of the car in its driving environment. When on the road, remind teens to look in their mirrors every three to five seconds or so. Have them tell you if they see any vehicles approaching, getting ready to pass, driving erratically or speeding; in short, is anyone doing anything behind them that could be a problem? They should also check the rearview mirror before turning, stopping and before and after a lane change.

2. Remember the blind spot
Remind teens there is a blind spot—an area that is not visible to drivers unless they turn their heads and look behind them. It is especially important to remember to check this spot when turning and changing lanes.