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Lesson 38: What Car Should Your Teen Drive?

Lesson 38: What Car Should Your Teen Drive?

For most teens, the first car they drive is the family car, and this is a great start for many reasons. As a parent, you can control access to this vehicle most easily, basing your decisions on your teen’s driving abilities and attitude.

1. Discussing the responsibilities of car ownership
If you decide your teen should own a car, discuss the real costs associated with buying, registering, insuring, maintaining, repairing and driving the car. How much will your teen be responsible for? How much will you give to your teen as a gift?

2. Choosing the right car
Next, what sort of car should your teen drive? Should it be an old “junker”? If you choose an older car, it will probably be less reliable and have dated safety features.

A mid-sized, somewhat recent used car would be an ideal starter car. Avoid very small or very large vehicles. Teens will have the rest of their lives to drive a “cool” car of their own choosing. There are several websites to help choose safe cars. Go to to find some ideas.