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Lesson 41: Learning How to Drive a Safe Speed

Lesson 41: Learning How to Drive a Safe Speed

Keeping control of the car is what driving safely is all about. Maintaining safe speeds helps drivers maintain control.

1. Maintaining specific speeds is a learned skill
Knowing how much pressure to keep on the gas pedal without staring at the speedometer is tough to do at first. It takes practice for teens to learn this driving skill.

2. How to drive a safe speed
During the next practice drive, pick a safe, legal speed and ask your teen to try to maintain that speed—exactly—as they scan the road and notice any hazards they see. Make a game out of how long they can maintain the same speed (traffic permitting).

Practice a few times until your teen gets better at gauging and maintaining the correct speed.

3. Learning how to use cruise control
If your car has cruise control, make sure your teen knows how to use it. Cruise control will allow them to maintain safe, legal speeds while on highways and freeways.