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Lesson 42: The Pre-Drive Checklist

Lesson 42: The Pre-Drive Checklist

Experienced drivers routinely go through a mental checklist as they get into the car. A new driver has to practice this routine so it becomes a habit. Before you take a drive with your teen, make sure they go through this checklist.

1. The pre-drive checklist

  • Clear windows of debris like dirt, leaves, snow or ice.
  • Walk around and look at the tires to make sure they aren’t low.
  • If starting in your driveway, make sure the path you plan to travel is clear, with no toys, garbage cans, bicycles or other cars behind you.
  • Adjust the seat and steering wheel.
  • Adjust the mirrors to cover as much of your blind spots as you can.
  • Buckle up.
  • Start the car, turn the lights on and listen for any odd noises. If they are any, get them checked out so your car is in good working order before you drive.