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Lesson 51: How to Drive Near Railroad Crossings

Lesson 51: How to Drive Near Railroad Crossings

A collision at a rail crossing is significantly more likely to be fatal than a collision elsewhere. Do you have railroad crossings in your hometown? If so, you should travel to a railroad crossing on your next practice drive with your teen and discuss the following safety guidelines.

1. Railroad crossing safety guidelines

  • Never speed over the grade in an attempt to get the vehicle airborne.
  • Expect a train on any track at any time of the day or night.
  • Never stop on the tracks. If the lights begin to flash as you are crossing the tracks continue across.
  • Never drive around gates. Wait until the gates are raised, the lights stop flashing and it is clear in both directions to cross.
  • If there are two or more tracks, watch out for a second or third train.
  • Never race a train.
  • Watch for vehicles (like buses) that are required to stop at crossings.
  • Use extra caution at night or when the weather is bad.
  • Always look and listen.
  • If your car ever stalls on the tracks, get out.