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Lesson 52: Congratulations

Lesson 52: Congratulations

If you have gone through these lessons, you’ve made a big difference in your teen driver’s exposure to risk, and you’ve had a real safety impact on your whole family as well as your community.

We hope you have instilled driving habits that will stay with your teen for a lifetime—and that a few have rubbed off on you.

Your teen driver deserves credit for self-restraint and maturity. It hasn’t always been easy. There have probably been some tough calls and some delayed gratification with both family and friends.

While there is no way to eliminate all risk, a parent should have confidence in a teen who has participated in this program. Teens who have safely avoided accidents and tickets through this process have shown they are able to acknowledge risk and hold themselves accountable.

Now comes the moment you have both been waiting for: full and independent driving status!

Congratulations to you both!