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I, , agree to discuss and follow the rules below. I understand there will be consequences if the rules are broken.

I, , commit to spending at least 30 minutes each week practicing driving skills with my new driver.

Every three months, I, , may gradually relax these rules as continues on the road to full driving privileges, if I decide it is safe to do so.


I agree...

  • I will always tell an adult where I am going and when I expect to return. I understand I will not be allowed to have any passengers at first, but when I earn the right to drive with passengers or as allowed by law, I will tell the adult who they are.
  • I will always use a seatbelt, whether I'm a driver or a passenger. I will not drive a car if my passengers (when I am allowed to drive them) are not wearing seatbelts.
  • I will always obey speed limits and all traffic laws and signs. If I break the law, I will be responsible for any traffic or parking tickets and any court costs.
  • I will never use a phone—either hand-held or hands-free—while driving.
  • I will never program the GPS or use the Internet while driving.
  • I will never eat while driving.
  • I will never drive unless I am alcohol and drug free, and I will never allow alcohol or illegal drugs in the car. I will not drive if I am taking prescription or over-the-counter medication that could impair my driving.
  • I will never drive anyone else's car unless I have an adult's permission.
  • I will never drive if I am angry, upset or tired.
  • I will contribute to the cost of operating the car as agreed (insurance, gas and maintenance).
  • I will invite an adult to ride with me once each week to see how my driving skills are improving and/or to practice specific driving skills with me.

Driving at night
I agree I will not drive after 9 p.m. (or earlier if specified by state law). I may earn the right to add an hour to that limit every three months at an adult's discretion (and as allowed by state law). Reassess after .

I agree I will not text or use my phone while driving. I agree I will not use headphones or play loud music. I agree my music playlists or GPS destinations may be set only when the car is parked.

No passengers
I agree I will not drive with any passengers. I may earn the right to add a passenger under certain conditions, and if state law permits, after six months. Reassess after .

I agree I will spend the first three months after I get my license driving in optimal conditions. More challenging weather conditions may be added gradually after three months of driving. Reassess after .

Challenging roads
I agree to limit my driving to roads I am familiar with in my town, and after three months, I may earn the right to drive regionally and later on highways. Reassess after .

I agree if I break any part of this agreement may limit my right to drive by a period of week(s).


I agree...

  • To stay involved: I will ride with my teen once each week to see how they are progressing and coach them.
  • To be patient and encouraging: Most of the situations my new teen driver encounters will be new. I will always be patient and encouraging when I ride with them.
  • To be a good role model: I will always follow the rules of the road when I drive and never do anything behind the wheel I wouldn't want my teen to do.