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You have found the one place we keep all the DriveitHOME™ videos. We hope you find these informative and will want to share them with other parents, your teens and with any and all people you think might work to help keep teen drivers safe. The A WORD FROM OTHERS tab links to videos and multimedia produced by other organizations, safety groups, foundations, parents and teens that we think you might be interested in.

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Teen Crash Risks

Potato Boy

Tree Girl


Congressman Randy Hultgren

Distracted Driving

Parent Coaching for New Teen Drivers

Safe Driving Games

Extreme Driving Coach

DriveitHOME™ Show: Get it in Gear

Advice from a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Specialist

Tim’s Story

Teach your Teen to be a Safer Driver

Cat Girl

Texting Girl

Spanish Class Boy

Stay Involved

The Most Important Safe Driving Tip

Be a Better Driving Coach

Parents are the Best Driving Coaches

Parent / Teen Translator

Teens on Their Parents’ Driving Behavior