New Driver Deal

A Contract to Drive

A written document, like the New Driver Deal, is the best way to ensure the agreement is effective. It contains restrictions, privileges, rules and consequences. It is a reference, making it hard for either you or your teen to “forget” or bend the rules. It’s a big help when the inevitable request for an exception arises—and if and when that exception is granted, it helps ensure that it stays an exception.

Your New Driver Deal might also include financial issues, personal safety, maintenance procedures and a schedule for sharing the car with the rest of the family. You should mold it to fit your family’s needs, but keeping the document as simple as possible will help you focus on the most important issue: driving safety.​​​​​​​​​


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1 Enter Name 2 Rules for Teens 3 Rules for Adults 4 Sign the Deal


I agree to discuss and follow the rules below. I understand there will be consequences if the rules are broken.

I commit to spending at least 30 minutes each week practicing driving skills with my new driver.