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It’s Up to Us and Our Friends

The research shows the best way to keep our teens safe is to stay involved, so we can help them safely get the experience they need behind the wheel. That means we need to create a climate of parental involvement among parents in our communities.

It does no good if parents only monitor their own kids, who then get a ride with teens whose parents are uninvolved and don’t set limits on their behavior.

When all the other parents are saying “yes,” it’s tough to be the only parent who says “no”. It’s tough to say “no” to your daughter who wants to be driven to the dance by the boy who’s only had his license for a week. And it’s tough to say “no” to your son who wants to take his friends to the game, even though he’s only been driving for a month. Maybe you’ve even been the parent who’s said “yes” by giving older siblings too many freedoms, too soon.

However, you now know the best way to keep your new teen driver safe is to set limits and gradually allow them increased responsibility.

That’s why it’s so important to work together to create a culture of safety. Stay involved. Get your friends involved. You can’t and don’t want to do this alone. It is critically important for the safety of our teens.

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