distracted driving


9 Distractions Your Teen Driver Should Know About

By DriveitHOME

Distractions are everywhere, and for inexperienced teen drivers that can mean serious danger is everywhere, too.

Fortunately, you can help your teen stay safe behind the wheel by helping him or her identify different distractions and talk through ways to avoid them. Some distractions are well-known, while others are less obvious, but all put road users at risk.

Here are distractions both you and your teen should know about:

Obvious Distractions

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A Dangerous New Normal: Distracted Drivers

By Andy Pilgrim

Adaptation is a useful genetic tool; you might remember some guy named Darwin wrote about it over 150 years ago.

The U.S. distracted driving epidemic is getting worse and worse. Traffic deaths passed 40,000 in 2016, a 14% increase over 2014. We have not seen an increase like this in decades. I can honestly say my driving has adapted more in the past few years than in my other 34 years of driving. Why? “To survive!” Thanks to Mr. Darwin, again.

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