License to Save


Why GDL?

By DriveitHOME

Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) is a proven method of reducing teen drivers’ crash risk by 20-40 percent, and GDL works by maximizing experience while minimizing common risks teens face on the roads such as nighttime driving and carrying teen passengers. This allows new drivers to gain experience without exposure to high-risk scenarios.

All 50 states and D.C. have implemented some form of GDL. Typically, GDL has three stages:

1.Learner’s Permit:teen drivers only can drive with supervision

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What is GDL and why does it work?

By DriveitHOME

Parents of teen drivers are likely to hear the term GDL, which stands for Graduated Driver License. It’s a method that has proved successful in reducing teen crashes because it gives teens much needed driving experience in a low-risk environment.

3 Phases of GDL

GDL is a licensing system that is made up of three stages of licensure.

Phase 1 – Learner’s Permit: During this phase, teen drivers gain experience through supervised driving practice. This phase typically begins around age 15 ½ or 16.

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