New Driver Deal


Keep Your Teen Driver Safe with the New Driver Deal

By DriveitHOME

Watching your teen get behind the wheel is stressful even for the most experienced parents.

You want to trust your teen to make the right choices, but you also worry about him or her staying safe. Fortunately, we’ve got just the tool to help.

Here at DriveitHOME, we offer the New Driver Deal, a free, downloadable driving contract for you and your teen to fill out together. Filling this contract out before your teen starts driving gives you the opportunity to talk through restrictions, privileges, rules and consequences you both agree to.

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How to Talk with Your Teen About Driver Safety

By DriveitHOME

Talking with your teen driver is crucial when teaching him or her how to drive safely, but that doesn’t mean starting the conversation is always easy.

You might worry that your teen will take your talks as harsh criticism, or that he or she will ignore the lessons altogether. But if you use the right approach, you can help your teen understand the importance of being a safe driver.

Here are some conversation starters to try out:

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Video: Strong laws keep teen drivers safe

By DriveitHOME

It’s election season, and everyone is talking about making changes. How about changing teen driving laws? While  no state has laws that are strong enough to protect our youngest, most vulnerable drivers, Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws can help.

In this video, Congressman Randy Hultgren of Illinois explains why he advocated for stronger GDL, and how the laws have driven down crashes in his state.

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